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In Beirut, 36 hours later

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I finally arrived in Beirut this morning after what I thought would be a grueling 36hrs of traveling, that ended up being actually not that bad. The 12 hour leg from Dulles in D.C. to Doha, Qatar went by relatively quickly I got to watch 3 movies which rated out of 5 were Frost Nixon (2.5), Transporter 3 (2) and The Express (3.75).

When I got to Doha at 630 p.m. I prepared to hunker down for a 13 hour layover
, but was pleasantly surprised to find a hotel was booked for me free of charge with dinner included.

A bus took me to downtown Doha (looks kinda cool but very boring) and to the Movenpick Hotel.

The Beautiful Movenpick hotel

The Beautiful Movenpick hotel

The Hotel was incredible, especially for a free one. There were 2 beds, with down comforters, a kitchen with granite counter tops, spot lit lighting a glass desk and a large marble bathroom (which included a speaker feeding from the TV, so you didn’t miss a word).

For my free dinner it was a very extravagant hotel buffet , I sampled all the exotic salads (including white bean and turkish salad) and dined on the braised lamb leg, the chicken kabob and the seared cauliflower, and then I sampled a selection of 8 cakes and other confections.

In all it was a $150 value all courtesy of the Doha international airport.

In Beirut
I arrived in Beirut at 11 a.m. and had to figure out how to get to the diner I was to meet my friend Brian Pellot at. The taxi drivers pounced on a lost looking white boy (myself) and made negotiating a fee very difficult. After some bargaining, I got in a beat up cab with its plates and cab stickers in its rear window.

The cab driver had more going wrong than just missing plates, on the way out he stopped at the police check point and gave a young looking officer 2 sandwiches and 2 pepsis, which he promptly informed me were his bribe for being allowed in the taxi line. Which a coordinator for the Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections told me was a fitting welcome to Beirut.

I finally made it to the Euro cafe where I met Brian (who was my roommate last summer for the journalism program in Egypt and Oman). We went to have lunch with one of his friend from LADE, which was great for me to start getting my bearings and figure out this incredibly complex political landscape.

Brian and I then walked around the AUB campus, which is amazing, and includes a rec facility swimming pool and private beach. and then caught a taxi downtown to meet Deen Sharp, a British journalist and freelancer for numerous magazines in Beirut. He among other things specializes in architecture writing, a niche that he says he has carved out for himself in Beirut. We had a beer (the local Almaza) at Cafe 43′ a cool hidden cafe that you had to knock to enter in Gemmayzeh a more affluent east Beirut district.

That is only half of my first day but Pizza Hut is about to kick us out so more to come tomorrow.

Ma Salama.


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May 22, 2009 at 9:04 pm