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The Lebanese Army

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There have been a few interesting things that have popped up on my radar about the Lebanese Army recently, one as new book from Oren Barak at the University of Jerusalem and another a post on Harvard’s Middle East Strategy Blog by David Schenker

The book apparently puts forward that the army is unsuually disciplined for a country thats been in such turmoil and “The book suggests that the Lebanese Army has played a significant role in Lebanon’s survival.”

The post by Schenker on the other hand suggests, that the Lebanese army could be  in cahoots with Hezbollah, or may destabilize if March 8 wins.
Its interesting that two such opposed theories are circulating at the same time, but not all that unusual. I do find the army a very compelling subject, and from my experiences in Beirut they seem very disciplined.

Schneker’s claims of the army being in cahoots with Lebanon seem the most dubious though, with his best evidence being the Army disappearing from the streets of Beirut during the 2008  Hezbollah uprising. That seems more common sense to avoid more blood letting that working in tandem.


Written by stephenddockery

May 27, 2009 at 7:54 pm

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