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Election coverage : Jbeil, Batroun, Koura

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I’ve been very busy these past few days so I haven’t had much time to blog

Lebanons 26 districts

Lebanons 26 districts

. Mostly because the elections are coming up Sunday. We had a staff meeting Thursday evening to go over district assignments and what we are going to

be producing for the day. I covering 3 of the total 26 electoral districts. My districts are Jbeil, Batroun, and Koura (Check the map for locations)

So the seat breakdown goes like this.

Koura 3 Seats: Greek Orthodox

Batron: 2 Seats: Maronite

Jbeil: 3 Seats: 2 Maronite 1 Shia

I’m almost done with my research and I will post a more complete breakdown of the districts tomorrow. But for the coverage, myself and staff member Dana Halawi will be leaving early Sunday morning and driving up to Jbeil, we

will visit poling places all over each district, going to places where there are disturbances (if any) observing the environment/general mood, talking to people and politicians. Then by 6 that evening we will make our way back to Beirut and write a 800 word rap of the 3 districts.

As for predictions on how things will go, everything that I am seeing and reading points to the fact that no one actually knows. The poling that has been done is not reliable and there are many variables (fraud, vote buying, expat voting) that could have an effect. As for if things will remain peaceful, people are equally ambivalent… although the c

onversation/article usually ends with ‘it could happen this is Lebanon’

Also I did a lot of reading on the opposition today. Most notably how the Free Patriotic Movement, led by former civil war player (but hey who’s not?) General Aoun , is what the opposition really hinges on. Hezbollah may not even gain seats during the election, and if the opposition does win, the people carrying most of the weight will be the General and the Aounees.

Lebanons 26 districts

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June 5, 2009 at 9:36 pm