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The Western election standard

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Everywhere I look on my RSS feed is a call for links to information on the elections in Iran. Tom Ricks didn’t even do that

What do you expect for 30 years of isolationism? Having people this uninformed in the West is a recipe for disaster, theres got to be some way of getting a better media exchange. Check the comments on the first two links, there are a few decent resources posted.

Also on the topic of results, this double standard in viewing elections is ridiculous. Basically, if you win an election and are pro-reform and western, the election was valid, and if you don’t it was obviously rigged. Few are crying foul about the hundreds of millions of dollars that was pumped into Lebanon by the Saudis, and some just wrote it off as fair game in democratic elections. (On a side note, whose column was worse Friedman’s or Abrams?) While now in Iran, the conservative wins and obviously there must be massive fraud. I’m not saying there wasn’t but I’m saying a colonialist standard is being applied that could care less about the process and cares much more about the results. What happens when conservative governments are elected? We’ll Iran already knows, but if you need another example, just talk to Hamas.

Also this article from Foreign Policy detailing the absurdity of the arguments for natural growth in Israel is worth checking out.

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June 13, 2009 at 4:56 pm