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77 days with a journalist, Lebanon, and a list of non sequiturs

Certainty of Uncertain

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I was planning of writing some long winded post on how everyone is pretending they know what is going on in Iran and they can add some useful commentary to it. Anyone from the New York Times EIC Bill Keller to the retweeters and bloggers. But my  opinion on the matter is summed up pretty well in an article in Foreign Policy.

Just a few things to add to that. In terms of qualified sources for commentary on Iran, I look at academics first. What you need to have insight into Iran is a prior knowledge of the country, and most reporters don’t have that knowledge because of how difficult reporting is from Iran. I would also dissuade people from taking the above FP comparison too far, this is not 1978, Mousavi is NOT Khomeini.


Written by stephenddockery

June 18, 2009 at 9:20 pm

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