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77 days with a journalist, Lebanon, and a list of non sequiturs

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Apologies for not updating sooner, but my 77 days in Lebanon has finally come to a close. I got back to the states a few days ago and I’m finally over the jet lag today. I will definitely miss Lebanon; waking up in the suburbs isn’t quite as exciting as West Beirut. Hopefully I will get back to the region sooner rather than later. I’ll be heading back to Syracuse for my last year in a few weeks, and I’ll start applying for internships, fellowships and grad school (defense and policy studies) soon after.

As for this blog, I’m planning on keeping it running. While I can’t promise post-street clash coverage from Aisha Bakkar; I’m going to try to keep blogging on current events and my recent foreign policy readings.  I’m also going to finish out the last two book reviews of the summer in the next week (The Inheritance, Sanger and The Great War for Civilization, Fisk).

Thanks for reading.

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August 12, 2009 at 1:12 am

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