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Middle East Primer

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Carnegie Publications website

Carnegie Publications website

Whenever I started to work on a story in Lebanon I would think -how would I explain this to someone who knows little about this Middle East?- and then start writing. Its sometimes easy to forget that everyone doesn’t spend their day reading papers and articles about the region.But for those who want to take the next step to learning about the Middle East it can be daunting, there are so many names, dates and numbers that are used without explination its hard to get started.

I just finished Paul Salem’s (Director of the Carnegie Middle East Center in Beirut)  “The Middle East: Evolution of a Broken Regional Order.” At a slim 21 pages it makes for a great brief to get an overview of the recent events that have created the current regional sitation. Definetly worth reading for those who need to get up to speed quickly,  are looking for a good place to start reading or just need some type of broad overview of the Middle East.

The Carnegie website has hundreds of their expert’s papers avaiable in full PDFs on their website.

The ones I plan on reading next:

Lebanon’s Sunni Islamists—A Growing Force Omayma Abdel-Latif

Algeria Under Bouteflika Civil Strife and National Reconciliation Rachid Tlemçani

Salafism and Radical Politics in Postconflict Algeria Amel Boubekeur

Salafi sm and
Radical Politics
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